Mar 08, 2012 19:03 pm - Posted by gbharne

Mr Parrikar said that he has requested the Governor to follow up the Goa Lokayukta Bill, which has been forwarded to the President of India for her assent on January 23, 2012. “I requested the Governor that the BJP in its manifesto had promised the people about setting up Lokayukta in Goa within 100 days,” he mentioned, “and hence there was urgency in following up the Bill so that it can be notified at the earliest.”

Mr Parrikar further said that he would not like to make any comments on the immediate decisions of the new government as he is yet to be sworn in and any such comment would now make him an extra-constitutional authority. “However, I can only say that clear direction of the government as regards five major administrative aspects would be made public immediately after the swearing-in ceremony,” he observed.

Replying to a question, Mr Parrikar said that the BJP has received a message from the Goa Vikas Party as regards its intention to extend support to the new government. “We have not given a thought to it yet,” he concluded.

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